Kindle Project is an outside-the-box grantmaking organization supporting wild solutions, by unusual suspects, in the attempt to move mountains.

We believe in a creative cross-pollination of ideas in a plurality of disciplines. We support underdogs and those that go against the grain working towards vibrant solutions and alternatives—recognizing that systems in crisis need brave ideas. We often experiment and partner with the strange, the bizarre, and the unpolished. Our belief in the power of unconventional alliances is fostering a growing movement of Indie Philanthropists. Together we are adding diversity, creativity, and curiosity to the field of philanthropy.


Kindle Nexus

Announcing the launch of the Indie Philanthropy Initiative website!

Indie Philanthropy is a creative disruption to the status quo of funding that gives a common name to decentralized, daring alternatives poised to reshape the field of philanthropy. Kindle Project’s Indie Philanthropy Initiative includes the launch of a suite of new online tools and offline community resources to help curious funders looking for dynamic grantmaking practices and allies.