Kindle Project

is an experimental philanthropy lab, innovating new styles of creative grantmaking.

We Are Matchmakers

Our partnerships bridge visionary donors with unexpected people and projects.

We Are Gutsy

Our methods are nonlinear and provoke outside-the-box thinking.

We Are Experimental

Our approach is dynamic and seeks to creatively redistribute power.

We Are Adventurous

Our programming is fresh and we take meaningful risks.

We Are Scavengers

Our grantmaking practices seek out unconventional alliances and support the underdogs working towards vibrant solutions.

We Are Storytellers

Our nexus is a megaphone for our grantee stories and an idea bank to inspire

Kindle Nexus

Kindle Project News

Matchmaking with Kindle Project!

What do artists, seed savers, punk-rockers,
activists, and entrepreneurs
have in common? Click here to find out…!

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We're very animated...

Ever wonder how Kindle Project got started in the world? This little treasure tells you all about it.

Kindle Project Story – Full Version from Kindle Project on Vimeo.