Publication in SSIR

Dec 01, 2023

It’s been a tremendous year for power sharing in philanthropy. Communities of practice are organizing, and longtime practitioners are reflecting and refining their work. Building on this momentum comes the timely release of Philanthropy and Power, a series of articles organized by our friends at Chorus Foundation for the winter issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review. “Power to the People,” by yours truly, sits in good company alongside other change-makers working to disrupt the status quo and democratize philanthropy. We are excited for the chance to share some of our own experiences from the last 15 years of creative philanthropy, and grateful to Chorus Foundation for making it happen.

We invite you to get inspired and be part of the conversation!

Plus! To expand on ideas raised in this series, we’re planning a webinar on February 22, 2024. Full details will be added in coming weeks, but we invite you to register now for this session that will dig further into what it means to share power in philanthropy.

We encourage you to read the articles in this lineup of beautiful and brave people shifting philanthropy in radical ways:

How We Got Here by Farhad Ebrahimi

We Need a Strategy for Spending Down By Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson & Farhad Ebrahimi

How to Use Integrated Capital to Shift Power to the Front Lines By Nwamaka Agbo

Supporting Visions of New Economic Power By Aaron Tanaka

Building Political Power When Everything Is at Stake By Mónica Córdova & Lisa Owens

Building Grassroots Political Power By Vivian Yi Huang

Power to the People By Sadaf Rassoul Cameron & Arianne Shaffer

Making Revolution Irresistible By Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano

Culture and Community Power Building By Alexis Frasz

Building the Cultural Power Ecosystem By Aisha Shillingford

How Movement Organizations Organized Funders By Michelle Mascarenhas

Where We Need to Go By Farhad Ebrahimi

Feeling inspired and curious to explore power-sharing in your giving? Reach out and let’s dream up new ways we can shift power together, or donate now to support our existing programs:

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