Mar 03, 2021

To spread some warmth in cold days, please join us in celebrating SpiderWeave, our participatory grantmaking program that supported more than 47 awardees and cast a wide web of respect and encouragement throughout 3 years.

SpiderWeave was born in 2017 with the intention of bringing joy and connection to giving, and to share power with community. SpiderWeave brought a small group of inspiring female and non-binary community organizers into a Flow Funding circle. In this participatory grantmaking experiment, each flow funder was invited to share resources with projects that grabbed their attention, shook them deeply, and left them inspired and hopeful. Within this diverse, cross-race space, a mix of mothers, activists, singers, farmers, artists, and grassroots leaders combined their voices and experiences in a process of collaboration to move money.

An impressive and off-the-radar array of individuals and organizations were supported through SpiderWeave. These projects are local and national, urban and rural, fueled by small teams and leaders. Some projects are laser-focused on a single issue while others work at the intersections of many. A majority of them are led by women of color. All share a common thread: they represent and embody the diversity, excellence, and dedication of their Flow Fund nominators. SpiderWeave is a living testament to how sharing decision-making power can resource the unsung and uplift unseen voices.

Join us in celebrating the marvelous 2017-2019 SpiderWeave grantees: