We build adventurous grantmaking programs that push the boundaries of what philanthropy can do.

Our Core Programs exemplify the Kindle Project ethos. Participatory Grantmaking programs shift decision-making power to community members who best know where resources should go. Focused Funds are collaboratively designed with donors to target a particular area, practice, or issue for maximum impact.

Core programs

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Kindle Project Fund

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Our founding grantmaking program supports those who are less likely to be funded by mainstream philanthropy because they are “risky.” We seek out and invest in rebels, rabble-rousers, risk-takers and underdogs. Since we believe the most fertile ground for change is at the intersections of crises and community-led solutions, we don’t limit our focus to single-issue areas. Often we are the first to fund people and projects that go on to have wider visibility and impact down the line. Check out our list of grant partners.

Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund

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The Indigenous Women’s Flow Fund (IWFF) is an Indigenous-led grantmaking program that nourishes community-sourced initiatives offering solutions and alternatives to systems in crisis. Grounded in trust-based philanthropic approaches, IWFF brings together five Indigenous women from across the USA to be decision-makers over grantmaking dollars. Kindle Project is currently seeking additional donors that are excited about shifting the power of grantmaking into the hands of Indigenous women to join this collaborative fund. To learn more, click here. To learn about the intricate processes and the outcomes of our first year together, please read our Year One Storytelling report.

Indie Philanthropy Initiative

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Indie Philanthropy is a creative disruption to the status quo of funding. It gives a common name to decentralized, daring funding alternatives that together are poised to reshape the field of philanthropy. Some Indie Philanthropy practices have been around for decades while others are emerging in real time. Indie Philanthropy approaches are bringing radical ideas into the mainstream, changing the face of philanthropy, and adding much needed diversity and creativity to the field. Join us in activating the next wave of thoughtful, proactive giving.

Community Powered Philanthropy Toolbox

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Kindle Project is a hub for thought leadership and skill development for community-powered philanthropy. We’re building tools and educational materials for donors and community-based decision-makers who participate in our programs. Our Indie Philanthropy Initiative toolbox celebrates methods, resources, case studies, and best practices for radical giving, and helps promote these path-breaking approaches to the public. We welcome your help in sharing them more broadly.



To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we held our first open call. Each month for ten months, prospective recipients responded to questions posed by our partners, and a motley crew of decision-makers from our community selected winners for $1K awards.



What if artists could help shape the distribution of philanthropic dollars? Boomerang creatively catalyzed unseen opportunities by widening who influences philanthropic resources. We welcomed our courageous Makers Muse Artist Award recipients to recommend an organization or project of their choice to receive a grant from Kindle Project.

Solutions Laboratory


An intensive program aimed at sourcing and nurturing ideas for creative solutions and alternatives to complex problems. We invited our community in Northern New Mexico, across all sectors, generations, and fields, to share ideas to empower collective narrative-shifting in the face of a changing climate. Seven cohort members were selected, reflecting early-stage, place-based ideas serving Northern New Mexico, and the program culminated with a public storytelling event in Santa Fe.

Participatory grantmaking funds

Built in partnership with our donors, these programs use an approach that democratizes giving by shifting power into the hands of community decision-makers.

SpiderWeave Flow Fund


A web of multiracial women and gender non-conforming community activists bring joy, magic, curiosity, and deep grassroots knowledge to make uniquely informed grantmaking decisions. To learn more, click here.

Slow Fuse Flow Fund

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A cohort of New Mexico-based women make grantmaking decisions that ignite their communities, with a focus on gender justice.



Combining both individual Flow Funds and a Collective Fund during a cohort co-learning experience, this collaborative initiative in giving brings together a cohort of women that reinforces the wisdom, intuition and community knowledge outside traditional circles of philanthropy.

Mozaik Philanthropy


Next-gen donors join forces with grassroots Los Angeles-culture makers to flow money to a colorful mosaic of vibrant local artists and activists.

Focused funds

Creatively invest in change-makers working in particular areas of focus.

Makers Muse Artist Awards

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Over a decade of supporting the vibrant and uplifting work of makers, creative disruptors, culture-jammers, and beautiful weirdos around the world.

Music Fund

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Harnessing the power of music and community to uplift and compel social change.

Social Impact Film Fund


Seeding vital social-impact documentaries.

We appreciate your donations to these programs. Reach out and let’s talk about creating a fund!

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