We’re making a podcast—and seeking your tales from the philanthropy trenches!

Apr 23, 2024

Kindle Project is making a podcast! It’s all about what’s funny about money, what’s wrong with how it moves, and bold efforts to make it shake better. Each episode, our hosts will be joined by inspiring guests to share true stories and honest talk about how we can liberate more loot from a dysfunctional system.

We want to hear your philanthropy cautionary tales.

C’mooooon, we all have ‘em. Those unforgettable anecdotes at the intersection of money, power, and privilege—that thing someone said at the conference, water cooler, closed-door meeting… Whether they’re experiences that catalyzed incredible change or were just so outrageous they made your skin crawl, we want to hear from you! We’ve all got hilarious and heartbreaking horror stories, and we’re seeking the best from all corners of the grant-giving and grant-getting world.

We aren’t just looking to commiserate; we hope to hold a space where vulnerable experiences can be shared so we can all learn. Each episode isn’t a trash-talky bitch sesh (at least, not only that)—it’s about using a real-life anecdote as a fun and revealing entry point to considering systemic problems and uplifting the people, organizations, and methodologies fighting for a more equitable world. Ultimately, we hope the show inspires more people in positions of power to share more of their loot, and in radically more impactful ways.

Please, tell your tales—the ones so cringy or poignant or revealing that they need to be shared, dished about, brought to light, and then plumbed for the hidden truths that speak to what can be done (and what is already being done) to make things better. It’s going to be inspiring, challenging, and fun—while uplifting badass changemakers and weirdos disrupting philanthropy.