Naomi Klein Writes about the search for BP Oil

Feb 01, 2011

We recently came across this post on The Nation. In this in depth article Naomi Klein writes about her experience on board WeatherBird II, a research vessel owned by the University of South Florida that has been tracking BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico. She reminds us to keep paying attention to this extremely important issue. She writes,

On board the WeatherBird II, I was constantly struck by the strange simultaneity of discovery and destruction, watching young scientists experiment on fouled sediment drawn up from places science had barely mapped. It’s always distressing to witness a beautiful place destroyed by pollution. But there is something particularly harrowing about the realization that we are contaminating places we have never even seen in their natural state. As drilling pushes farther and farther into deep water, risking more disasters in the name of jobs and growth, marine scientists trained to discover the thrillingly unknown will once again be reduced to coroners of the deep, boldly discovering that which we have just destroyed.

Her full article can be read here.

Below is Klein’s TED Talk about this issues.