Meet the Kindle Project Fall 2015 Film Fund Grantees and Awardees

Dec 08, 2015

Cry You One • The Black Dutchman
Movement Generation • Nanbel
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four
The Shore Break • Shiraz Ksaiba •

  • Dark comedy sketches set in the fictitious town of Nanbel, invoking the absurd and grotesque elements of the war on terror and beyond.
  • A feature doc about the unbelievable mistreatment and wrongful conviction of four Latina lesbians in Texas.
  • A female cinematographer out to explore the wilds of the Moroccan south.
  • A feature doc highlighting the tensions in one South African family as they are pulled between the desire to maintain traditional lifestyles in the prevalence of extractive industries.
  • Video chronicles of socially transformative performances highlighting the disappearance of the wetlands in southern Louisiana.
  • A multimedia sketch series that highlights the interconnectedness of climate change, race and economics.
  • A feature documentary that explores an old and racist ritual in the Netherlands.
  • An actor/filmmaker/writer whose work opens a window into the personal and public struggles of LGBT communities in Uganda and Nigeria.
  • A video project documenting sustainable energy and community innovation in Oaxaca and Kenya.

Meet our latest grantees and awardees. This group of ten is the epitome of what is happening in the wide world of documentary and experimental media. Farce, fierce realism, and experimentation – each project and person in this group of creators shapes and works their craft to tell the most important stories from their very unique vantage points.

It’s been a tough year on this strange planet of ours. With the increasing complexities of conflict, migration and record breaking global temperatures, there is a need to unpack the multitude of unfolding crises, create solutions, engage in critique, and, of course, instigate serious laughter. These ten filmmakers and projects are doing just that.

All grants are made possible through the Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation and all awards are made possible through the Kindle Project LLC.