Mahwish Chishty

Dec 13, 2017
I am grateful for all the amazing experiences I have had while living in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the U.S. My move to Lahore, Pakistan in 1999 marked the beginning of my long art training. At National College of Arts, Lahore, I learned the core skills of painting, drawing, drafting, sculpture, printmaking among many others but my academic concentration was in traditional Mughal and Persian style of Miniature painting. During my training, I learned to make my own paint, wasli (paper) and brush from squirrel tail hair. Truly unique experience!


Materials used in miniature painting

When I moved to US, I learned contemporary art trends and was able to utilize my traditional training to address contemporary issues. I am not so particular about using only one medium or style which allows me to address subjects of concern in various difference ways. (Click on each image to read the title of the piece.) 

Currently I am working on four new projects. An audio piece ‘Naming the Dead’; Kite project, for which I had received Guggenheim fellowship for; Wagah/Atari border series and a collaborative piece with an Indian artist to address personal family history of migration and finding a new home. It is always exciting to see these projects come to life when they are displayed in museums, art gallery, institutes or even theatre.

Installation shot, Chicago Cultural Center, 2015

UTS Gallery, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, 2013

“Hellfire II”, 406 cast foam painted with Black 2.0 2017
Waubonsee Community College, IL

“Kill Box II”, Charcoal on vinyl, 2017
Waubonsee Community College

Stage design for the play ‘Grounded’ by George Brant, Hailey, ID, 2017

Thank you Kindle Project for giving me this platform to share my story!