Lorna Simpson

Jan 10, 2014
The past year has been really interesting with shows and projects and books (listed just below) coming to fruition.

Lorna Simpson
By Joan Simon
With contributions by Naomi Beckwith, Marta Gili, Thomas Lax and Elvan

Lorna Simpson: Works on Paper
By Heidi Zuckerman
With contributions by Hilton Als, Connie Butler and Franklyn Sirmans

The studio has been in a chaotic whirlwind state that I am only now clearing and organizing the studio to begin to think about and map out upcoming work.

There is a large survey exhibition of my work currently on view at the Haus der Kunst will be traveling to the Baltic this coming Spring 2014.

Being in this moment of thinking about new work the best thing for me is that I don’t make check lists or attach myself to any specific thing and allow myself to intuitively begin to engage ideas.

Recently, so much of the time I am either in production for videos or projects or making things that require an organizational framework to fulfill ideas and bring things to fruition. Right now I am taking the time to shift away from a structured task oriented way of thinking to just thinking about new and different directions.

The two must have books on my nightstand that I have just started reading are:
WHITE GIRLS, by Hilton Als
FURIOUS COOL Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him, by David Henry and Joe Henry