Nov 02, 2016
Alfredo LIBRE Gutierrez is both an artist and an architect combining traditional techniques with alternate ones to create body of works where order and chaos are palpable. He was born in Tijuana Mexico and started his artistic career in street art and exhibiting in galleries in his local Tijuana as well as San Diego, CA. He then went on to paint in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Cuba, Colombia, Paris, Frankfurt, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, London and Peru.

Since 2003, he has facilitated community art workshops using creativity as a tool for social change and adaptation, community cohesion as well as an educational instrument. Libre has carried out this community work both individually and in partnership with organizations like the Institute of Culture In Baja California (ICBC), Mamutt Creatividad, Infonavit, Fundacion Hogares (support for people experiencing housing issues), Fundacion ORB (youth development programs), the German embassy in Mexico City, PROSIGUE (activity centre for young people at risk of homelessness), Reclusorio Oriente (adult male prison in Mexico city), and Casa TOCHAN (shelter for Central American migrants in Mexico city).