Kishti Afghanistan Fund welcoming donations of all sizes

Aug 15, 2023

Donate now: Entering our third year, Kishti offers opportunities for encouragement, joy, and safety as crisis in Afghanistan worsens

Although the news cycle has shifted, Afghans need more support than ever—and Kindle Project remains committed. In its first two years, Kishti supported 17 organizations providing vital services in the aftermath of the US withdrawal and Taliban takeover. Now, we are building on our commitment for a third year by welcoming donations of any size, and we invite you to join us in offering up a metaphorical kishti (boat) for those in turbulent waters—providing tangible solidarity, joy, encouragement, safety, and opportunity for Afghans.

The crisis is largely a result of failed U.S. foreign policy. Since the disastrous withdrawal of foreign troops two years ago, Afghans continue to endure unprecedented challenges. The country has plunged into a humanitarian crisis, with a shortage of food, fuel, and employment opportunities. Afghans most at risk have been those who have fought for tolerance, diversity, human rights, and accountability, which are all under attack.

This fund is dear to our hearts; we bring a personal connection as well as substantial Afghanistan-specific experience to this initiative. Sadaf Rassoul Cameron, Kindle Project Executive Director, is of Afghan descent on her mother’s side. Nellika Little spent 35 years living and working in Afghanistan. We deeply appreciate any support you can give—every dollar counts.

Please join us in this commitment: Give now and share with your networks. For larger donations or donations by check, wire, or stock, please contact

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