Kindle Project + Capricious Call for Submissions

Jun 04, 2012

Kindle Project is collaborating with Capricious Magazine on their 13th issue: WATER

We are very excited to announce a new Kindle Project collaboration with Capricious. Capricious Magazine and its related projects provide a platform for the work of emerging and underrepresented fine art photographers who push the boundaries of their medium and bring critical attention to social, political, and environmental topics. Capricious thereby offers vital support needed to help both the artists and the issues to gain greater visibility.

Thirst, living on the water, dependence, in hot water, missing water, water travel, the drought, surfers, marine life, fishermen, romanticism, whale warrior, narwhale, adventure at sea, abuse of water, artesian aquifer, trash-pit, texture, shapeless, tears, bodies, bottled, baptism, boiling, transparency, poetic, polemic, narcissism, steam, clouds, holy water, swimming pool, garden sprinklers, spring break, lost at sea, changing tides, the force of water, icebergs, bi-coastal, beach, play, elemental, floating, environmental justice, climate change, excess and scarcity, Mother Nature’s rights, resource wars, ripples, the deep end, across the pond, steaming mad, raining cats & dogs, acid rain, sea glass, sea monkeys, drip drip drop, dammed up, up a river, down a well, hydroponics, potability, precipitation, waterborne, ground-water reservoir, jet streams, wave crests, cirrus clouds, dilution, reflection, running dry…

The next iteration of Capricious, the WATER issue, will see us diving into one of the most pressing conservation topics of our time. The future of water, and its inextricable link to our planet’s survival, is unquestionably in the hands of our own generation as well as our children’s generations. So how do we see humanity’s relationship with water? How does that relationship appear in the developing world, as well as in the first world? And how do we, as individuals, interact with and think about water? Surprise us. Challenge the norm. Teach us something we don’t already know.

Kindle Project LLC and Capricious are joining forces to present The Kindle Project Photography Awards. Three photographers exploring the theme of water in distinguishing ways will be provided with an award of $1000 USD. A selection committee will choose the artists. (Committee members have not yet been announced.)

Since 2008, Kindle Project LLC has supported artists working in traditional, modern, and experimental modes that question, confront, explore, frame or reframe the following: perceptions of identity; worldviews and the collective conscious; individual and social conditioning; relationships between nature, culture, and technology; the consensus of what is beautiful and what is ugly; the institutionalization of who can experience art and how it is experienced; political frameworks and authority; and sensuality.

Call for Submissions
Deadline: September 5, 2012

Updated Submission Deadline: September 11, 2012

Submission Instructions:
We want you to submit 6-12 photographs (more will not be viewed). We accept all formats and all colors. Email your submission (images should be approximately 8×10 inches @ 72 dpi) to: 

Not all submissions will be guaranteed a spot in the coming issue, yet Capricious will consider your submission for future issues. Please make sure you have model (or any other legally necessary) releases for all submitted work. Capricious has the right to use published material in promotional matters. Deadline: September 11, 2012. For further questions, email