Youth FX

Youth FX is designed to empower young people ages 10-24 by teaching them the technical and creative aspects of digital filmmaking and media production. Based in the City of Albany, NY, our primary mission is to work with diverse groups of youth from communities that have been historically under-served and in need of opportunities to learn filmmaking and acquire skills in emerging media technologies. Youth FX hands-on programming develops leadership skills, creativity, and critical thinking, through the collaborative and artistic process of making films, amplifying the voices of young people in the capital region of New York State and around the world.  In addition to our programming for youth, we have also developed a national fellowship called NeXt Doc which aims to support and amplify a new generation of BIPOC documentary filmmakers, and a production company called Rogue FX which is an incubator program which offer productions services to local businesses and organizations, creates original content and ultimately provides a pathway for our students to build their resumes by working on professional level sets.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2020