Understanding of Forgiveness Among Teachers in Four Arab Countries

The psychological and emotional structures of forgiveness have been studied extensively in the field of psychology. It has also been taught and preached for by many religions. However, there are very few studies to examine the perceptions and concepts of forgiveness among individuals and groups in conflict areas. This project aims at shedding light on the understanding of forgiveness by examining responses to situations requiring forgiving amongst teachers in four countries in the Middle East. The research study attempts to address the questions regarding the conditions that support attitudes of forgiveness, the major cultural values and beliefs that encourage or obstruct the act of forgives, and finally the role educators play to teach and promote forgiveness in the Arab culture. The research is co led by Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer (American University and Salam Institute) and Dr. Ilham Nasser (George Mason University).


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Year(s) Awarded: 2009, 2010