Under the Radar

“Under the Radar” ¬†seeks to record and share the principles, insights and skills demonstrated by youth and adults facilitating social healing under circumstances of extreme trauma, such as civil wars and gang violence. Based upon¬†the experiences of grass roots change agents in places such as El Salvador and Uganda, “Under the Radar” hopes to cast light on the wisdom and courage of social healers who have also experienced the very same suffering they are trying to ameliorate. ¬†They are the massacre survivors who return to rebuild their bereaved and shocked communities, the workers among gang violence serving fatherless pre-school children. ¬†Unable to escape to safer or easier circumstances, these social healers must also find ways to renew themselves in the process. Yet, few of their experiences are recorded in textbook manuals or considered “best practices”. “Under the Radar” honors the wisdom of those who go about change without much fanfare but deep conviction.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2012