Ttáwaxt Birth Justice Center

Ttáwaxt Birth Justice Center (TBJC) provides pregnancy and birth-related support, care, and advocacy on the Yakama Nation Reservation and surrounding areas in Washington State. Our Native traditions and culture honor the interconnectedness of generations from ancestors to newborns, life-givers, and elders. TBJC is working to protect and revitalize this wisdom in our everyday lives and for broader systemic change. Our work is critical in this world where external systems of patriarchy, white supremacy, and colonization have worked for centuries to degrade and destroy our Indigenous practices, systems, family structure, and lands. We believe our collective purpose through TBJC is centering our Indigenous ways of healing, life-giving, and sustaining our people with birth in the center. We envision a future in which our life-giving matriarchal Indigenous practices, systems, and spaces are honored. Our staff at TBJC are all indigenous women from the Yakama community who understand trauma due to being born an indigenous woman. We have and continue to experience life the same way our clients do, and we are who we serve. Our foundation is built upon healing ourselves, not perpetuating workplace violence, and creating anti-colonial systems to serve our life-givers. Over the last decade, our model has developed into what it is today. Our Indigenous Birth Justice Advocates are trained as doulas and also obtain other specialty skills such as breastfeeding support, indigenous modalities of healing through culture and ceremony, indigenous childbirth education, nursing skills, trauma support, and much more. A weekly clinic is provided by a OBGYN and other perinatal supportive services. Together TBJC and our partners are fulfilling our vision.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2023