The Traditional Native American Farmers Association (TNAFA) has many programs, all designed to restore “traditional” agriculture, build the capacity of our tribal members, create opportunities for our youth, and ensure a healthy future for all. TNAFA feels that to create or recreate a healthy, sustainable local food system is to introduce our tribal membership, youth, women and tribal leaders to more ecological, traditional, knowledge-based models that integrate “whole systems” that can be implemented from an ethical foundation. This course provides instruction from an Indigenous worldview, using traditional knowledge and ancient models. The 27th Annual Indigenous Sustainable Design Course (ISCDC) is a thirteen-day intensive training in ecological design, natural farming, seed saving, traditional food and nutrition, indigenous women in agriculture, alternative energies, passive solar design, earth building, earth restoration, natural healing, and restoring community. This design course, through a variety of methods, demonstrates how many disciplines must be integrated into a whole system, using nature’s model of sustainability and diversity. The ISDC starts with “agriculture” as the foundation of a healthy food system and includes aspects of natural building, alternative energy, natural healing and ecological restoration. Students gain the understanding of how these other important elements are critical in a sustainable, healthy food system. At the end of the course, student groups present a design that can be implemented in their community.

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Year(s) Awarded: 2023