The Black Montessori Education Fund

The BMEF seeks to bridge the gap in the awareness and understanding of Montessori educational principles and practice while at the same time creating a pipeline of highly trained Black Montessori teachers and school leaders who are focused on providing high quality, culturally responsive Montessori environments to Black children. In addition, the BMEF seeks to support Black Montessorians desirous of opening their own schools or becoming Montessori teacher trainers. Lastly, the BMEF will encourage and support Black families in their efforts to understand and gain access to Montessori education for their children. To advance these broad principles, the BMEF will:

  • provide scholarships/resources for culturally relevant training to teachers, school administrators, school support staff and teacher trainers;
  • provide scholarships for Black students to attend Montessori schools;
  • provide funding and support to Black Montessorians seeking to establish Montessori schools;
  • provide scholarships for Montessori teacher training that is culturally responsive to Black adults seeking to become Montessori teachers;
  • support¬†research into Montessori best practices and employ Black educational leaders to organize and promote the advancement of the BMEF.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2021, 2022, 2023