The Aftercare Project

The Aftercare Project is a patient advocacy and outreach initiative that will serve ayahuasca patients leaving treatment centers who are increasingly reporting the need for aftercare which addresses the western psyche. Westerners, many who may have never used any psychedelic, are increasingly seeking these centers for help with things such as trauma, and are now returning needing an understanding therapist to finish the work. With many volunteered hours spent working to get the vision together, we are set to connect compassionate therapists and experts to develop reintegrative techniques and training protocols and to offer this much needed support.

We will be providing a one-stop-shop web resource to connect folks to information including things such as pre-trip preparation materials, education, management of expectations, and 24-hr support through an anonymous web forum with trained counselors. We will also include a list of specialized, trained reintegrative therapist referrals, as well as surveys for feedback on outcomes and techniques, to continue improving on the model. We see this not only as a wonderful way to help those reaching out, but also as a unique learning experience for the developing fieldĀ of psychedelic psychotherapy and integrative treatment techniques.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2016