Texas Buffalo Project

The Texas Tribal Buffalo Project is rooted in the idea of interconnectedness between Indigenous people, our four-legged relatives (the buffalo), and the land we occupy. Our project of buffalo restoration is our way of cultivating that interconnectedness through the establishment of a culturally-relevant, local food system and taking an active approach towards combating climate change through holistic grazing methods that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint on mother earth. This double-focused lens allows us to address the food scarcity issues relevant to our Indigenous communities today, while also strengthening our local economy and preserving our ancestral homelands for future generations.

With this symbiotic relationship in mind, our projects provide the Indigenous communities in/across the state of Texas the opportunity to experience the spiritual healing and benefits of our four-legged relatives through the development and provision of a culturally relevant food system and greater, affordable access. I want to continue to learn and live my life in a way that embodies these values and teachings and set a good example for other Indigenous peoples and communities, especially Indigenous women. As the life-givers for our people, we have the ability to create opportunities and lifestyles that will directly impact our families and communities positively for generations to come.

Grantee Information

Website(s): https://www.texastribalbuffaloproject.org
Year(s) Awarded: 2023