Spark Teacher Education Institute, a program of Educational Praxis, Inc., offers a licensure program in teaching for Social Justice, a field-based, teacher preparation program leading to licensure in the candidate’s chosen endorsement area in grades K-12. The program strives to instill an understanding of self and others in conjunction with the development of skills, knowledge, critical thinking and compassion required for creating an equitable and engaging learning environment for diverse learners. Interns spend a full year in a school setting while at the same time completing course work and participating in integrated seminars. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be qualified to apply for appropriate licensure for teacher certification. The program focuses on teaching for social justice. To this end, the curriculum emphasizes the pedagogy of creating and managing democratic classrooms, building a community within the classroom, implementing reflective assessments, teaching through authentic experiences and teaching for social responsibility. The curriculum is integrated and contextualized in the analysis of historical and current issues.

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Year(s) Awarded: 2022