Sariyah Benoit

Farming as agrarian healing arts is my speculative history-building practice that illustrates cultural identity after immigration journeys across large bodies of water. I grew up in a small, section-8 apartment on Creston Avenue in the Bronx, New York. Surrounded by personal and collective histories from family members born in Puerto Rico and Haiti, of living on farms in the Caribbean, I began to explore reciprocal human-and-plant relationships with cultivated spaces. Currently, my farm is located at The Spelman Victory Garden, a space through which I lead students in regenerative farming practices and afroecologies. We are committed to regenerative farming and discussing the residual World Wars and plantation system impacts on Atlanta food systems in order to decolonize landscapes of racial capitalism in Atlanta. Since my farming journey began, I joined the Black Sheep Fiber Circle and developed paintmaking recipes using organic materials and pigments extracted from my cultivated plants.

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