Sacred Fire Foundation

Sacred Fire Foundation works to support the continuance of indigenous traditional knowledge worldwide and to promote the values of indigenous perspective in order to create dialogue and societal change.

Indigenous Peoples everywhere have developed and hold what is known as traditional wisdom, maintaining a deep connection to the spirits of the land, the waters, the plants and the animals. They have maintained the awareness that all things are inter-connected, and that these relationships are sacred. This irreplaceable wisdom is just as practical today as it was thousands of years ago and it is the basis for creating a future we would like to see for our children.

Through our Grant Program, we strive to build strong relationships with grantee partners to support initiatives that ensure the continuance of indigenous worldview and life ways. Some of our areas of interest include education, ritual and ceremony, earth stewardship, traditional food and medicine, language, art and culture, youth and awareness-building initiatives. Our annual Wisdom Fellowship Award recognizes the lifetime achievement of an elder in bringing wisdom, learning and leadership to their people. Our educational programs include Ancient Wisdom Rising and Voices of Wisdom, gatherings that bring together local and international indigenous elders with non-indigenous audiences.

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