Sabli Cedric Gonnet

The Active Beast program will deliver a holistic approach development of student-athletes and will provide the education, resources, and opportunities that support learning essential life skills vital to student-athlete success and beyond. Active Beast builds rapport and relationships with student-athletes, coaches, and campus/community, facility, and sports organization, ensuring that each has a great experience throughout the process. Assess and identify the challenges of student-athletes as it relates to first-generation college students, socioeconomic and diverse backgrounds, and transitioning to the environment. High school athletes for the most part live in a sheltered world, so it’s important to get them in the right mindset when transitioning to college to play any sport at any competitive level. We help them develop their athletic identity, academic interests, and life aspirations through research-backed assessments. A true partnership means we’re always there to help you take care of your athletes. We work together to identify the most relevant situation. Providing a virtual mentor network to support them on and off the field, development of your student-athletes, offering the kind of guidance that can only come from firsthand experience. Off the field, phones are an extension of kids’ hands. Rather than force the in-person setting, we embrace this as one of the best ways to get key messages through. A mobile-first approach also lets you interact with them in real-time regardless of location, making it just as convenient for you. This builds trust while teaching the kind of accountability that will be expected at the next level. There’s no substitute for experience. Active Beast wants to give student-athletes the chance to build relationships with those who came before them and understand what it takes to succeed after school. Alumni and other athletes can relate to your players, and serving as role models lets them give back in ways that go beyond simply writing checks. We make it easy for everyone to connect and converse.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2022