Reclaim Turtle Island

Reclaim Turtle Island is an allĀ­ Indigenous direct action & media collective that focuses on combating extractive industry at its root all across Turtle Island. This includes active ongoing campaigns against tar sands, pipelines, fracking, uranium, coal mining, and more. Our diverse collective is made up of 2 Spirit, queer, undocumented, anti-Ā­authoritarian, femme and migrant Indigenous people. We facilitate culturally safe direct action training by and for Indigenous people, including media trainings for narrative building in MSM (mainstream media) as well as independent media production skills. RTI is a budding media platform that curates Indigenous produced projects allowing for control of our own narratives and representation. Our praxis is based in relationship building and the work we are doing is engaging in direct support with impacted communities. We are in the midst of launching a new website including important analytic pieces which use antiĀ­-colonial frameworks to unpack relationships around land trauma, rape culture & terra nullius, harm reduction & survivorship, antiĀ­Black racism & settler colonialism and connecting with other antiĀ­-colonial resistance movements globally including Palestine, Australian Aboriginals and more.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2016