Off Lomas

In December 2015, a privately-owned narrow strip of land—an “odd-lot,” left over from the widening of Lomas Blvd—was transformed into a site to exhibit public art. Off Lomas hosts temporary artworks by up to four artists per year.  While too narrow for conventional building, its location—on the NW corner of Lomas Blvd and 12th Avenue—it is highly visible to a broad public. After conversations with artists, the idea arose to transform the empty lot into a place for public art. Like Gordon Matta Clarke’s purchasing of what he called “odd-lots”—unusable slim strips of land between buildings, some only inches wide, Off Lomas interrogates how property accrues value (or not), while placing emphasis on the forgotten and overlooked sites within our cities.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2018