Native Movement

Native Movement’s mission is to motivate humanity toward balanced relations with each other and Mother Earth through our offering of support to culturally based leadership development and sustainability programs in Alaska and the Southwest, while inspiring and supporting young Indigenous leaders across North America.

Our office in Flagstaff serves a wide ranges of constituents and projects throughout the Southwest including: Hopi Tutskwa, Urban Lifeways Project, Pinon Project, Black Sheep Art Collective, Peace and Balance Project, Black Mesa Water Coalition and the Paatuwaqatsi Run. Constituents include native and non-native populations in Flagstaff, Arizona and the communities of Pinon (Navajo Nation) and Kykotsmovi, AZ (Hopi Reservation). Our programs work with many different native communities in and around the Southwest on issues ranging from cultural and environmental sustainability to gang awareness and substance abuse prevention.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2009, 2010