MIX Santa Fe

MIX is a structure for interaction and collaboration among inspired individuals, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and organizations. Through monthly events that showcase talent and local resources MIX provides an avenue for personal contact and networking. Through innovative web tools, social media and micro- stimulus, MIX provides a mechanism for the development of ideas, businesses, and projects with corollary opportunities for promotion, recognition and start-up funding. The SMC (Saint Michaelā€™s Corridor) Project is a previtalization effort aimed at creating an energetic, inclusive dialogue and pop-up visualization for the future of St. Michaelā€™s Drive and the surrounding neighborhoods, institutions, businesses and organizations. The area in question represents the physical and population center of the state capital and yet is a blight of vacant mini- malls and dilapidated car dealerships divided by a traffic thoroughfare that limits quality of life, public safety and meaningful public usage. The project will engage Santa Fe-ans in the history of the area, the current challenges and the potential for revitalization. The goal is to emerge from a long-weekend visualization and festival event with key outcome projects in transportation, energy, public space, micro- and macro-financing potential and new zoning overlays.

The project is scheduled for September 20-23, 2012.

Grantee Information

Website(s): http://mixsantafe.com/
Year(s) Awarded: 2012, 2013

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