Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi was born in Iran. Having studied at the French lycée in Teheran, she furthered her studies in Vienna before settling in France in 1994. On arrival in Paris, she joined the Atelier des Vosges, a haunt of the big names in modern comic-book illustration.

In her first novel,¬†Persepolis 1, published by L‚ÄôAssociation in November 2000, Marjane retraces part of her family’s history through the story of her first ten years until the fall of the Shah’s regime and the start of the Iran-Iraq war. The book received the prize for the best first album at the Angoul√™me festival. In¬†Persepolis 2, released in October 2001, she recounts the Iran-Iraq war and her adolescence until her departure for Vienna aged 14.¬†Persepolis 3¬†and¬†Persepolis 4¬†tell of her exile in Austria and her return to Iran.
She has since published two further novels,¬†Embroideries¬†and¬†Chicken with Plums. The latter won the 2005 prize for the best album at the Angoul√™me festival.¬†She has also published children’s books, notably¬†Sagesses et malices de la Perse¬†(in partnership with Lila Ibrahim-Ouali and Bahman Namwar-Motalg),¬†Monsters are Afraid of the Moon,¬†Ulysse au pays des fous¬†(in partnership with Jean-Pierre Duffour, released in 2001), Ajdar (released in 2002) and¬†Le Soupir¬†(released in 2004).¬†In 2009, she appeared in Riad Sattouf’s movie,¬†Les Beaux Gosses (The French Kissers), co-wrote the lyrics of ‚ÄúPoney Rose‚ÄĚ with Philippe Katerine for the album by Arielle Dombasle,¬†Glamour √† mort, and illustrated the cover of the Iggy Pop album¬†Pr√©liminaires.¬†Chicken with Plums¬†is her second full-length movie.

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