Kali Spitzer

Kali Spitzer is Kaska Dena from Daylu (Lower Post), BC on her father’s side and Jewish from Transylvania, Romania on her mother’s. She is motivated by her heritage to uplift and preserve Indigenous culture and knowledge ways through artwork and documentation of her community, and traditional practices through photography. Her work embraces the stories of contemporary queer and trans bodies and BIPOC, creating representation that is self determined. Kali’s collaborative process is informed by the desire to rewrite the visual histories of indigenous bodies beyond a colonial lens. She studied photography at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe Community College, and with the renowned Will Wilson to learn alternative photography practices. Spitzer is an Indigenous, Femme, Queer artist living on the Traditional Unceded Lands of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh in Vancouver, BC.

Grantee Information

Website(s): https://www.kalispitzer.com
Year(s) Awarded: 2022