Jubilee Justice

We reimagine an America where the complexity of injustices concerning land, race and money that are rooted in the plantation economy, both spiritually and materially transform into justice, equity and repair in urban and rural Black communities through cross-racial healing of our individual and collective souls, reallocating resources, and regenerating the soil upon which all life on Earth depends.

We have two programs:

1) The Jubilee Justice Journeys where we convene spaces and create the conditions for people to self-reflect and discuss on the topics of Land, Race, Money & Spirit – across race and class.

2) Working at the intersection of climate change and social and economic justice, we support Black farmers in innovative and regenerative farming practices that enhance their financial bottom line while healing the soil and mitigating global warming. We also supply them with “reparative” capital, through our sister nonprofit organization, Potlikker Capital.

Grantee Information

Website(s): https://www.jubileejustice.org/
Year(s) Awarded: 2020, 2021