Israel Haros Lopez

Israel Haros Lopez is a community ARTivist challenging the notions of limited resources and abundance. He has embarked on artistic adventures such as creating 1,000 poems and 500 sketches in one month periods. These creative processes are designed to be inspirational mirrors for the global community and the collective consciousness. They are intended to be full of humor, light, political statements, spirituality, and love in these turmoiled times of inner and outer wars. They challenge the notion that is raised in Lalo Delgado’s poem “Stupid America” as Israel does not want to “die with one thousand masterpieces hanging only from his mind”. His work and his local antics beg for community participation in creative action in order to probe and address the more difficult questions at both a local level and a macro level. Be on the lookout for his KICKSTARTER campaign of his next community adventure.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2016

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