Isaiah Funmaker

Isaiah Funmaker, Ho-Chunk Nation, Bear Clan. Single father of 3 (the Sherpas, they are 16/17/18 high school student athletes, currently in wrestling). I work full time with my tribe in the Dept. of Natural Resources and have been here for 6 years as a land specialist. I’m also a wildland firefighter, which I equate to being an extreme landscaper, lol, or a landscaper on steroids (not endorsing steroids, just limited in my vocabulary). Anyhow, my lands team and I do a lot of different projects in conservation and agriculture that I’ve found very fulfilling and wanted to share the experience with my children. So I started Indian Mission Landscaping LLC to help connect our family with the community and to be the change we want to see in the world. We specialize in land clearing (invasives, tree stand improvements, and hazard tree removals) but also provide services in building retaining walls, raised garden beds, and pretty much anything we can get our hands on. 

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2023