Indigenous Women Rising

Indigenous Women Rising is a Native-led and Native-centered reproductive justice collective. We focus on three main areas: an abortion fund exclusively for Native peoples in the United States and Canada seeking abortion care in the United States; breastfeeding and birth justice for Native people who need culturally relevant care to have better health outcomes for parents and babies; and sex education, which we affectionately call, “NDN Sex Ed”.  The sex education part of what we do currently includes curriculum development with a Native woman- owned business, Native Community Development Associates, to not only be culturally relevant (we are including capacity building for parents, grandparents, and community workers to have the skills to bring up sex and encourage bodily autonomy without shaming) but also meet the State of New Mexico standards. We are also launching a texting hotline for our Native communities to ask questions about sex and bodies that we may not feel comfortable asking a family member or healthcare provider (because of racism, microaggressions, shaming, etc.). While much of the work we do is focused on New Mexico’s Native communities, we have brought in other Native people from around the country into our collective.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2018