Honor Our Pueblo Existence

Mission Statement

“We embrace the Pueblo teachings of love, respect and care, working together improving the life ways of our people in order to provide an enhanced and sustainable environment for generations to come.”

We established an organization of interested persons based at the Sovereign Santa Clara Pueblo Nation that;

  • Engages in activities that include discussions, workshops, and presentations that will empower and enhance Pueblo People’s connection to ancestral teachings and homelands within and around the four Sacred Mountains.
  • Initiates and/or participates in positive tasks that will assist and/or promote the continuous cultural aspects, beliefs and life ways that are vital to the existence of Pueblo People.
  • Publicizes our concerns that certain toxic materials pose health risks to our environment and the well being of native peoples, who have occupied and survived in this area for hundreds of years.
  • Collaborates with Tribal programs, government, non-governmental agencies and organizations.
  • Gathers and disseminates factual information to help educate communities about contaminated sites and illnesses that are caused by exposures to radioactive materials and toxic chemicals.
  • Networks and participates in public meetings and projects with diverse organizations amid common goals that emphasize and discuss the need for accountability and responsibility for clean up of contaminated sites, renewable energy and climate change.

These purposes allow us to generate a collaborative atmosphere in which many diverse organizations within the state of New Mexico, national and global can work together to improve the life ways of its citizens in order to provide for an enhanced and sustainable environment for generations to come.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2009, 2010, 2023