Highland Support Project

The Highland Support Project (HSP) is a participatory action network of social workers, educators, and public health practitioners dedicated to identifying and empowering Indigenous women who are effecting change within their communities. Our mission is rooted in supporting these community-based changemakers as they implement trauma-informed community empowerment programming. At HSP, we believe in the power of enabling individuals to remain within their communities, on their ancestral lands, and immersed in their rich cultural heritage. We deploy a transformational development model that aims to satisfy the material, psychological, and spiritual needs of these communities, as defined by the community members themselves. Our approach is not prescriptive but instead fosters self-determination and resilience. By supporting these Indigenous women and their initiatives, HSP strives to foster a sustainable and inclusive future that respects and preserves cultural diversity and promotes community well-being.

Grantee Information

Website(s): https://highlandsupportproject.org
Year(s) Awarded: 2023