ZZK Records

ZZK Records was born out of a passion for music and a camaraderie that forms when a group of people are all moving towards a similar goal through the art of creation and excitement, movement and dance.

What started as a weekly dance party focused on local emerging sounds from Argentina, has turned into something nothing short of a movement. The club night quickly turned into a record label and artist collective, the world becoming it’s stage.  7 years later the ZZK crew has performed in more than 150 cities on 5 continents, the label has started to branch out of Argentina and sign artists from across the region and a documentary films arm of the label has started to take shape, with it’s 1st project, The Nu LatAm Sound currently in development.

ZZK Director Grant C. Dull first moved to Buenos Aires in 1999 and then moved back 3 more times after doing language and humanitarian work around the world.  From Texas via California, culture and music and adventure are what drives him and in ZZK it manifested all together.  With a team of 2 Argentine DJ partners and ever growing group of artists spanning music, design, illustration, video and photography, Grant set out to tell the ZZK story to the world.

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