Finca Morada / Grow Roots Miami, Inc.

Finca Morada est. 2019 is a QTBIPOC-centered cooperative of artists, activists, farmers, & nature shepherds, and ½-acre urban food forest garden sanctuary. We practice living in reciprocity with nature; host community events and educational workshops; provide affordable housing, and host artist residency and internship programs. And through the project Grow Roots Miami we build free productive edible gardens and food forests for low-income families. Our work is centered in cultivating resilience through a holistic lens. We do this by nurturing interdependent community relationships; inspiring cultural shifts towards living in connection with our local ecology; practicing sustainability through workshops, neighborhood composting, resource sharing, regenerating soil, growing food and medicine, harvesting rainwater; offering events to nourish emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing; and honing collective tools to process and hold space for climate and disaster grief.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2022, 2023