Fardin Waezi

Fardin Waezi is a self-taught photojournalist, born in Kart-e-Now in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Since taking his first photo with an old snapshot camera in his father’s commercial portrait studio at the age of seven, he has been taking photographs for twenty-two years. During the Taliban regime, he worked on the street outside the Ministry of the Interior making official portraits using a wooden box camera. Though these ID card pictures were almost the only photography that the Taliban allowed, Fardin was sometimes beaten and arrested for making them.

Today, he is able to travel far and wide around the country and gain a unique overview of the economic, political and social changes in Afghanistan. In his words, “Whilst it is true that my country is a place of war and terrorism, and this is what the foreign press always concentrates on when they photograph Afghanistan; it is also a place where 30 million people like me live their lives, bring up their families and have hopes and dreams. I want the world to know my country is more than bombings and burqas.”

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