Eliza Naranjo Morse

At the point in my life and understanding of the world….I realize that anything you start to put your energy in and try to get better at is basically the same process as art making, whether your farming or building or writing…It?s all just a matter of taking action and learning something. -Quote taken from a series of interviews published in, Art in our lives, (School for Advanced Research, 2010).

Eliza Naranjo Morse, born in 1980, lives in Santa Fe New Mexico. Using varied material she has created large abstract stencils, sewn ?paintings?, clay drawings, glow in the dark pictures, and oil and canvas artwork. She has graciously participated in Site Santa Fe?s (Santa Fe, N.M.) international biannual, Lucky Number Seven, in 2008, was commissioned to create a 20 foot temporary wall work made from clay for the Heard Museums (Phoenix, Az) Mothers and Daughters exhibit in January 2009, and has spoken in 2009 on the subject of making anything out of anything, in a lecture series hosted by the Museum of Indian Arts and culture in Santa Fe New Mexico. In her most recent project, Eliza spent four weeks in 2010 with children living in Veracruz, Mexico, working with local organic material to create large works of art in association with the Smithsonian Institution. In a culture where their Native roots are expressed as a local attraction and archeological interest her theme of, ?Yes, but what would YOU love to make a huge drawing of?? was a communication in the art of creating with a sense of internal navigation at any age.

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Year(s) Awarded: 2009