Dream Defenders

The Dream Defenders are a Florida-based organization focused on building power in Black, Latinx, immigrant, and working-class communities. We were founded in a “whirlwind moment” after the murder of Trayvon Martin. Since 2012, our cultural and grassroots organizing has positioned us as leaders in the fight for equity and freedom for Black and Brown youth – in Florida and around the country.

We are an organization grounded in and fueled by movement building, and our issues and priorities are defined by the individuals in communities which we work alongside to broker change. We work actively to organize an evolving movement positioned to lay the foundation for real victories for social justice and equality, shaping policies that are inclusive of young, Black and Brown voices; those of Florida’s emerging majority.

Through cultivating and developing leaders, point-of-view driven education, network mobilization and connection, we give power to the people affected most by systemic social justice issues to confront and change these systems head-on.

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