Beth Hill and Bett Williams

Beth Hill “The Mad Framer” is a fine art framer and precision woodworker. She has designed custom frames for the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and countless fine artists both local and worldwide. She has recently closed her shop to expand her woodworking ventures towards her own art practice and furniture/object making endeavors.  Grounded in her early years working for Greenpeace Action, she has been an attentive activist and fundraiser for environmentalist causes. With her partner, Bett Williams, they run Madrid General, an online and pop-up store based in Madrid, NM that sells psychedelic themed silk-screen designs and inventions created to tweak the machinery of quantum reality.

Bett Williams is the author of The Wrestling Party and Girl Walking Backwards, recently named by Vogue Magazine as one of the top ten queer young adult books. Her recently completed memoir, The Wild Kindness, is about her 7-year experience of growing psilocybin mushrooms in New Mexico. She was a featured speaker at the Horizons Perspectives on Psychedelics Conference 2018 in NYC.  On her radio show Planet Juniper (KMRD Madrid Community Radio,) she interviewed poets she has hosted at her desert retreat, such as Ariana Reines, CA Conrad and others. With Beth Hill, she continues to support artists and writers through hosting retreats and events in keeping with the metaphor of the mycelium, the mushroom’s interconnected web that bears the fruit of a mutually shared vision.

(photo credit: Melodie McDaniel)

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Year(s) Awarded: 2018

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