Axle Contemporary

Housed in a retrofitted aluminum step van, the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery brings contemporary art from New Mexico artists to appreciative audiences throughout Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico, and beyond. Axleā€™s innovative outreach program intersects disciplines and encourages and promotes experimental and creative approaches to art-making and presentation.

Access to art creation and experience brings a sense of inclusiveness, self-worth, possibility, community, curiosity, creativity and wonder to our audience-participants. Axle brings exhibitions and participatory projects to a diverse community in the places where they live and work: City streets, grocery stores parking lots, schools, restaurants, city parks, and more.

Occasional projects are created outside of the gallery, in partnersā€™ venues or in public spaces. Since 2010, Axle has produced 92 exhibitions including the work of over 250 New Mexico artists. More than 5,000 people visit the gallery each year, both local residents and visitors to our community. Axle Contemporary Press has published 13 books thatĀ celebrate, promote and sustain interest and innovation in the arts.

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