April Holder

My work as an artist and as an Indigenous Woman is about creating space for Native visibility and awareness of many Native issues. Specifically about the experiences of Indigenous women, girls, femmes, Trans and Two Spirits as we face violence in this settler colonial society. I work to tell the stories of who we are in our pain and also our joy, to celebrate Indigenous Women and Girls as we honor our matriarchs. My art is about changing the narrative of how Indigenous women are exploited and dehumanized, and to show that we are human beings that have many dimensions to our identities. My work is my unique lens of the world, it is self-reflection and appreciation of the beautiful individuals that have shaped my life. I seek to create safe spaces Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans, and Two Spirit kin to be fearlessly and unapologetically who they are with loving support.

(Image: Acrylic painting on canvas of my daughter sleeping, dreaming of a Decolonized future for her and all Indigenous Children.)

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2021