Andrew Laurion

My farm is my freedom. My farm is my fight. My farm is my right to be exuberant, full of life and joy. Farming is a way to not feel so helpless in a world of so many injustices. Instead we directly make an impact through food, access, education, community, the environment, representation, and the world as we know it. We set up growing spaces in yards, apartments, and community spaces in Spfld, Mass, and surrounding areas. Our “acres” or “farmland” is spread throughout the area as a collective. Homeowners and renters are eager to eat healthy, local, affordable food and create a more sustainable food system for all. We use bioremediation to heal soils in hopes to create nutrient-rich food to heal people. We provide workshops and CSA.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2023