Amryn Murray

I am a young African-American livestock producer operating out of Pittsboro, North Carolina. I have always been infatuated with agriculture and the ability to be self-sustainable from the land. I raise Black Angus cattle, Katahdin sheep, and Boer goats for meat production. I also raise a hay crop to feed the livestock throughout the winter months. We are a lease-based operation so the funds from this financial gift will be helpful to stay ahead of the debt curve most farmers face today, especially from rising inflation. With fertilizer prices and fuel prices fluctuating daily, there are many uncertainties to farming in today’s economy. I am grateful to have been nominated for this opportunity because these funds will allow me to pay off some of my debts accumulated from tending the farm, and grant access to the necessary amendments needed to help sustain the land.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2023