Alicia Walters

Alicia M. Walters facilitates transformation through her writing, art, coaching and consulting practice. She is the Creator of the Black Thought Project which transforms public spaces into sanctuaries for the expression of Black thought. The projectā€™s interactive community installations are social experiments exploring what society would be like if we protected, witnessed and honored Blackness. Participants in the installations are invited to co-create an experience that centers Blackness. Black folx are invited to center themselves, their wellness, healing, and truest selves while others practice being in right-relationship to Blacknessā€”protecting, witnessing and honoring Black people and the experience. Alicia believes that in seeing and experiencing the world beyond the dominant narratives andĀ beliefsĀ weā€™ve been fed will we be able to create the relationships and systems to transform society. The project is unearthing new narratives that center Blackness, put us into right-relationship with each other, and reimagine society in a way that honors everyoneā€™s humanity. Aliciaā€™s intention is to take the Black Thought Project around the world, believing that every society harbors anti-Blackness and would benefit from the creation of sacred spaces where we can center Blackness and touch upon our personal and collective liberation.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2020