adé Oni

diẹ̀diẹ̀ is slow, relational, healing earth work. We are a local-scale textile farm and raw material production studio incubating our vision of bioregional textiles on collectively owned Black and Brown land in NC, USA. We provide low-carbon raw and processed plant-based fiber and dye materials to the Piedmont bioregion and beyond. We grow flax and jute for linen, rope, and nutrient-dense greens. We also grow culturally-significant dyes in addition to working with our local landscape to harvest seasonal colors and fibers from the land. We also hold space for ancestral craft and education. diẹ̀diẹ̀ carries the meaning of ‘slow,’ ‘gradual,’ ‘little by little’ in Yorùbá, our Native African people.

Grantee Information

Year(s) Awarded: 2023