Dynasty Handbag

Dec 13, 2012

You may remember meeting Jibz Cameron (a.k.a Dynasty Handbag) from our candid Brooklyn interview with her this past spring. She’s as disarming and vulnerable as she is quirky and high-quality bizarre. This time around, we get an exclusive Dynasty Handbag experience.

On stage, Jibz’s alter ego is a conduit for the musings of the primal mind and body.  Wild, uncensored, and unabashed, she is not definable or contained, but is a character that results in the allowance of one’s deepest and strangest impulses. The creation that is Dynasty Handbag is a unique expression of character, raw human behavior, and humor.

As part of our 2012 Makers Muse crew, Dynasty Handbag brings something completely different to the table. She is a performing artist with the panache and sometimes-blatant sub-text of a cutting edge feminist drizzled with the gall and glitter of an 80’s workout queen. Thanks to remarkable contortion abilities, her characterization as Dynasty handbag includes dramatic altering of her, face making her physicality as much a part of her performances as her strangely wonderful videos and sound installations.

Below, we get to see a provocative daily account of Dynasty Handbag’s internal world: a week’s log of her to-do lists, a special creation from a performer who begs us to let out our inner weird to see our inner awesome.

Thanks DH!


Dear Fans,
In order to create more accountability for my actions, I decided to share with you my to do lists for the week.  I have been reading that when you share your tasks with others it makes it easier to stay on top of things.  I am hoping I can get some support with these things, since it is so hard to manage my time being an independent contractor and all.  I am sure you understand, as most of you are artists, freelance caterers, “consultants” etc…
Thanks for listening,
Love Dynasty Handbag

Dec 1, 2012
1. wash leotards (just crotches)
2. take Steve in for a mane wash/brush and fang scrub
3. change the patriarchal structure of the art world to include more shared authorship works and an equal amount of female artists in all national museums and galleries
4. fresh direct order



Dec 2, 2012
1. rewash leotards crotches with REAL detergent.  “all natural” clearly means “all natural shit still left in your fucking clothes after you wash them with this useless crap”
2. drain jello from jacuzzi, replace with wheatgrass (health kick regiment, day 1)
3. make psychic contact with dead great great grandma to inquire about history of family members with mental health issues, alcoholism and murdering to somehow feel justified in my behavior and more at ease with myself/less resposible for actions.




Dec 3, 2012
1. put on groovy record, point left foot, swing leg up to mid-thigh area, spin about clockwise, lift elbows by ears, wiggle eyes side to side, shake fingers up to the heavens, grab a snake, shake snake
at the heavens, clap and stop and punch self in face, bleed on carpet, get on hands and knees, rub face into bloody carpet, look for loose change in carpet, find a quarter and 2 pennies and a old rubber band, a staple and some sun flower seed shells.
2.  go to candy store with recently found 27 cents.
3. ask candy store man what I can get for 27 cents.
4. cry and cry as candy store man tells me “nothin kid! get the hell outta here what do you think this is, 1937!  its 1994 and you can’t even get 1/2 a mini bottle of Zima, Zomething different,  go cry to your mommy you dirty bum!
5. cry to mommy
6. don’t get needs emotionally met by mommy
7. go to daddy
8. daddy is busy
9. act out with local ruffians to get attention
10. keep repeating steps 5 – 10. forever.




Dec 4, 2012
1. sleep in, long day yesterday!
2. mani/pedi
3. fucky/sucky




Dec 5, 2012
1. singular sensation
2. every little step she takes
1. thrilling combination
2. everything move that she makes
1. smile and suddenly
2. nobody else will do
1. you know you’ll never be lonely with YOU KNOW WHO
2. 1 moment in her presence and you can forget the rest
1. for the girl whos 2’d best
2. to none




Dec 6, 2012
1. stay in fantasy as much as possible to as to not have to face the reality of todays pain.




Dec 7, 2012
1. look up the following:
– difference between congress and senate
– why are soy products “bad” for you
– why doesn’t the US use the metric system, still, who benefits?  besides ruler manufacturers.
– what are those painful white bumps I sometimes get on my tongue
2. keep dying, every day, every moment, to awaken and live again, every day, every moment.
3. wash car, MYSELF, do NOT pay for it! Its a waste of money and water.  Don’t be lazy about this.